Rope Rescue Level I

Hours: 24


Initial Certification Course Cost: $250.00  

** Recertification Course Cost: FREE for Life


Designed For:  This Course has been designed to meet Fire Service, Rescue Squad, Urban Search and Rescue and County Search and Rescue team standards for Rope Rescue Operations. 


Description:  Students will learn and practice various aspects of low-angle rope rescue. Training includes pre-planning and size up of rope rescue operations; knots, bends, hitches and anchor systems; belay operations; ascending and descending lines; mechanical advantage systems; patient packaging; and litter tending in the low to steep angle environment. Students will learn how to safely handle low-angle or over-the bank type situations, as well as how to assist Technician level rope rescuers in high angle environments. Special emphasis is placed on maintaining the safety of rescuers, patients and bystanders



  • 18 years of age
  • Adequate health insurance coverage


Equipment needed:

  • Climbing / Rescue Helmet
  • NFPA approved class 3 harness
  • Coveralls or heavy clothing
  • Thick-soled boots
  • Leather gloves


Certification: Rope Rescue Level I


Class Size: Ratio: 12-24 students